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Information for Afghan Nationals

This video, distributed by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, provides an overview of the 1-year filing deadline to apply for asylum. Videos in Dari and Pashto are

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Hosted on November 7, 2023, the training was delivered by Sarah Clarke, MSPH, coordinator for the Society of Refugee Healthcare Providers and co-organizer of the North American Refugee Health Conference; Bayle Conrad, MPH, a Program Coordinator in the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Department at Harborview Medical Center; and, Kara Friesen is the Associate Director of […]


This guide, developed by Switchboard, seeks to clarify the types of documents that Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR)-eligible populations can use for Form I-9, offer alternative document combinations where applicable, and confirm instances when clients must wait to receive a specific document.

This video covers how legal service providers (LSPs) may support their Afghan arrival clients to prepare for the re-parole process. This will include setting up an online account with myUSCIS for each family member and navigating common issues.

This video builds on the information presented in the webinar Part 1 where ILSAA provided an overview of the re-parole process and how to get ready to engage in it with your Afghan arrival clients. In Part 2, ILSAA addresses how to implement the process, including how the re-parole process is going and the actuality […]

This recorded webinar is a valuable resource designed to assist Legal Service Providers (LSPs) in offering guidance and support to Afghan clients who are seeking reunification with their family members living in Afghanistan.


As we begin our third year of welcoming Afghan newcomers seeking safety in the United States, the legal needs of the community have shifted as the initial parole periods end and more Afghans obtain other statuses. This blog post summarizes some of the major legal needs of the Afghan newcomer community and shares useful services […]


This August marks the two-year anniversary of the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan. During this two-year period, the United States has welcomed over 90,000 Afghan evacuees through Operation Allies Welcome. Since 2021, resettlement agencies, state agencies, and community-based organizations have worked tirelessly to support Afghan newcomers’ integration into local communities. As the process of integration […]


This webinar is presented by Switchboard, a one-stop shop for refugee service providers in the United States. Learn more about Switchboard at Hosted on July 19, 2023 the training was delivered by Ashley Digiore, contract accredited representative with VECINA’s Switchboard partnership; Michelle Morales, contract mentoring attorney with VECINA’s Switchboard partnership; and, Kristen Nilsen, contract […]