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Children from birth through age 5 are developing rapidly, and timely access to high-quality services can have major impacts on their school readiness, development, and family well-being. To increase families’ awareness and trust and reduce barriers to accessing early childhood services, we recommend the following strategies.1  Working Within Your Organization Learn about the early childhood […]

Communicating program data to stakeholders in your community is an important skill that can help to both highlight your program’s success and build impactful partnerships. Going into this process, it is important to understand the concept of a stakeholder as well as which stakeholders are most relevant to your project. Identifying Stakeholders A stakeholder is […]

This blog post explores the importance of helping newcomers familiarize themselves with well-established technologies in the U.S. while also empowering them to participate in and benefit from emerging technologies. Below, we highlight four newcomers who have actively used tools such as voice-controlled technology, GPT chat bots, e-commerce platforms, and gamified instruction. By examining these examples […]

Newcomers may experience multiple challenges accessing health care, including systemic issues rooted in inequities. As described in our blog post What is Health Case Management?, service providers play a critical role in supporting clients to overcome challenges and advocate for their health. This blog post details tips for assisting clients with three specific challenges: transportation, […]

Both service providers and health care providers have the best interests of clients’ health and well-being in mind. However, demanding ​​caseloads and potential ambiguities around roles can hinder collaboration between them. This post will share insights from clinicians and resettlement providers to facilitate coordinated care for refugee and newcomer clients.   Effective communication and collaboration between […]

Internationally trained newcomers—professionals who received their post-secondary education and credentials in another country—bring a wealth of skills, qualifications, and experiences that can greatly benefit our communities and economy. However, they often face unique barriers to resuming their careers in the U.S. In this blog post, written in collaboration with World Education Services, we will use […]