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Internationally trained newcomers—professionals who received their post-secondary education and credentials in another country—bring a wealth of skills, qualifications, and experiences that can greatly benefit our communities and economy. However, they often face unique barriers to resuming their careers in the U.S. In this blog post, written in collaboration with World Education Services, we will use […]

This year commemorates the 23rd anniversary of World Refugee Day, observed annually on June 20. It is a pivotal moment to spotlight the challenges faced by millions worldwide who have been displaced due to persecution, conflict, and violence. Through events organized by refugee communities and supporting organizations, we can draw attention to the struggles of […]

The Rainbow Initiative, a program of Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM), focuses on supporting LGBTQ+ individuals who have fled their home countries seeking safety. With a network of 28 Rainbow Initiative Congregations and Communities (RICs) across the United States and Europe, EMM aims to create a welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ newcomers and provide them with visibility […]

By leaning on protective factors, schools can help refugee students navigate traumatic stressors and recognize their unique strengths. In this blog, we will highlight five key protective factors school settings can deploy to support refugee students’ academic achievement and well-being.   1. Supportive Connections with Adults and Peers Positive relationships with both adults and peers are […]

The Refugee Act established quarterly consultations (QCs) as a required and simple communication channel between state refugee coordinators and local resettlement agencies as part of the foundation for the refugee resettlement program. Over time, these consultations have evolved into dynamic gatherings that shape resettlement strategies—fostering collaboration and problem-solving, and envisioning a brighter future for refugees […]

Hate incidents and hate crimes can have a negative impact on newcomers’ sense of safety and well-being and can erode their feelings of belonging in their new community. This blog post aims to support direct service staff who may be working with clients impacted by hate incidents and hate crimes. It also provides resources for […]