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Refugee and newcomer clients may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) depending on their age or health condition. However, applying for SSI is a long and complicated process. With contributions from Kara Friesen, Bayle Conrad, Dr. Andrea Green, and Dr. Meera Siddharth, this blog post answers some of the most common FAQs about SSI […]

This August marks the two-year anniversary of the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan. During this two-year period, the United States has welcomed over 90,000 Afghan evacuees through Operation Allies Welcome. Since 2021, resettlement agencies, state agencies, and community-based organizations have worked tirelessly to support Afghan newcomers’ integration into local communities. As the process of integration […]

In a previous post, we shared the Society of Refugee Healthcare Provider’s directory of healthcare providers who serve refugees and immigrants. In this post, we share more details about how organizations can create their own directory tailored for their location and clients’ needs.   What is this directory used for? A health care provider directory is […]

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