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Understanding the Journey of Cuban and Haitian Entrants

Hosted on May 16, 2024 the training was delivered by Edith Tapia, Technical Advisor for Cross Border and Asylum at the International Rescue Committee.

​​The surge in asylum-seeking at the U.S. Southern Border arises from a myriad of challenges confronting Latin American and Caribbean nations, compelling more individuals to flee. Notably, significant numbers of people from Cuba and Haiti are arriving in the U.S. These individuals may qualify for specific benefits under the designation of Cuban Haitian Entrants while they navigate the immigration process. This webinar will examine the causes of asylum-seeking at the U.S. Southern Border, as well as the challenges faced during the journey to the U.S. and upon resettling. It will also explore the unique experiences of Cuban and Haitian Entrants and share resources and best practices for effectively serving this population.

After participating in this ​90-minute​ session, you will be able to: ​​
– Explain the combination of drivers causing people to seek asylum at the U.S. Southern Border
​- Describe the challenges asylum-seekers face on their journeys, at the U.S. border, and upon resettling, with particular attention to Cuban and Haitian Entrants’ experiences
– Apply trauma-informed approaches in serving recently arrived Cuban and Haitian Entrants​