Newcomer Housing Stability Planning Toolkit

Housing stability is a crucial aspect of refugee resettlement. Resettlement agencies and case managers play a vital role in supporting newcomers to find secure and sustainable housing to help rebuild their lives and thrive in new communities. This toolkit is designed to equip resettlement agency professionals with the essential knowledge and skills needed to navigate the housing market and provide effective support to newcomer clients.

Understanding the complexities of the housing landscape, and the challenges refugees face, is fundamental to offering targeted and culturally sensitive assistance. Establishing a Housing Needs Assessment can complement your existing client relationship with innovative solutions that foster inclusivity, affordability, and stability for refugee families.

The toolkit and accompanying documents offer resources to assess, plan, and address the housing needs of newcomers, ensuring a smoother transition into their new communities.

Newcomer Housing Stability Planning Toolkit A strategic guide for resettlement professionals to support newcomers in securing stable housing.

Newcomer Housing Stability Assessment Tool A comprehensive tool to evaluate and prioritize housing stability needs of newcomers.

Newcomer Housing Stability Assessment Tool – Resources An extension of the Assessment Tool, providing additional resources and services for housing stability.

Newcomer Housing Stability Assessment Tool – FAQs A helpful resource addressing common questions about the Assessment Tool and its application.

Newcomer Housing Stability Assessment Tool – Scoring Summary Sheet A practical sheet to analyze assessment results and guide interventions based on newcomers’ needs.


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