Resource Topic: Housing Orientation

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As refugee housing providers, we understand the challenges newcomers face in finding and retaining stable housing. Navigating maintenance, budgeting for repairs, communicating with landlords, and accessing local resources can all be overwhelming. This guide aims to support both newcomers and their service providers by providing guidance on home maintenance for successful integration.  Note: while the […]


Refugee families, service providers, and health care providers have voiced concerns about monitoring the safety of refugees’ new residences, both inside and outside the home. This checklist, which focuses mostly on safety concerns inside of the home, is based on a survey of providers’ experiences. It can be a useful reference during meetings or home […]


Safety planning and emergency preparedness are crucial aspects to consider when resettling a refugee family in the United States. Refugees may face specific challenges as they adapt to a new environment, and understanding safety planning strategies can help them stay protected and confident in their new community. This resource, created by Switchboard, provides guidance and […]


Amidst rising rental prices, increasing application competition, and a dearth of affordable housing stock, the housing search is difficult. Preconceived notions newcomers may have about the U.S. housing market can further complicate the search for case managers or housing coordinators and the newcomers themselves.  Below are a few of the most important facts about housing […]

Securing housing is an essential aspect of care for newcomers. But doing so in the current housing market can be very difficult. This downloadable resource can help case managers, housing coordinators, and community sponsors and supporters, including private sponsor groups (PSGs), stay organized from housing search through move-in.

During a housing walkthrough, prospective renters—or those conducting the search on their behalf—should be sure the unit meets the general standards below. This checklist is not a compliance tool for any specific grant or program; always reference your grant agreement and terms for specific program requirements. This is a starting point, not a comprehensive list. Feel free to add any additional checklist items as determined necessary. 

Having a successful tenancy builds a refugee’s and newcomer’s rental history. This sheet, created by Refugee Housing Solutions, covers how to understand a lease and the legal responsibilities implied so that a refugee or newcomer knows what to look out for before signing.

This resource, created by Refugee Housing Solutions, provides Resettlement Agencies and their affiliates with an apartment and home set-up guide as they prepare for and take part in a home set-up for refugees.


Housing in the United States varies greatly depending on your location, specific family considerations, and what is available when you arrive. This poster describes different types of housing, provides visuals on what your new home might look like, and details the responsibilities of tenants and landlords, and information you will need to sign a lease.

This fact sheet covers the following guidance for preventing carbon monoxide poisoning: Do have your heating system, water heater and any other gas, oil, or coal burning appliances serviced by a qualified technician every year. Do install a battery-operated or battery back-up CO detector in your home. Check or replace the battery when you change […]