In-Home Health and Safety Checklist

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In-Home Health and Safety Checklist

Refugee families, service providers, and health care providers have voiced concerns about monitoring the safety of refugees’ new residences, both inside and outside the home. This checklist, which focuses mostly on safety concerns inside of the home, is based on a survey of providers’ experiences. It can be a useful reference during meetings or home visits with clients.  

This checklist is not a compliance tool for any specific grant or program; always reference your grant agreement and terms for specific program requirements. This is a starting point, not a comprehensive list. Feel free to add any additional checklist items or remove items as you deem necessary. You can also reference Switchboard’s resource Safety Planning and Emergency Preparedness for Refugee Housing for additional guidance. 

Service providers should keep in mind that, due to a diversity of past living arrangements, some clients may be very familiar with these tenets of in-home safety, while others may be learning about them for the first time.