ME Capacity Assessment and Action Plan

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Organizational M&E Standards and Capacity Assessment

Program data can help us make informed decisions about the services we deliver to refugee clients in the U.S. But if we want to use it effectively, data need to be of good quality. And processes need to be in place that allow us to regularly analyze and act upon it. This ensures that we don’t collect data needlessly, but instead learn from it and feed that learning back into program design and service delivery.

Drawing on the International Rescue Committee’s Monitoring for Action Standards, the META project proposed 8 M&E Standards to help your program or organization better collect quality data and effectively use it.

Together with the standards, META’s Organizational M&E Capacity Assessment & Action Plan tool can help your organization assess current M&E practices and identify areas for improvement. The tool can be used during team workshops or meetings as a starting point for reflection, discussion, and action planning about your organization’s M&E capacities and priorities.