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Case Note Template

Case notes are important tools used to track service providers’ interactions with clients and document relevant program data. This template, developed by Switchboard, is an

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Creating High-Quality Case Management Documentation

This webinar is geared toward direct service staff whose roles include producing case management documentation of client interactions. Supervisors may also benefit from this training to better support staff in maintaining high-quality documentation.

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The Preferred Communities (PC) program provides intensive case management services to refugees and ORR-eligible populations with special needs within five years of arrival to the U.S. Intensive case management (ICM) staff support recipients in the areas of long-term case management, health and medical interventions, mental health interventions, and social adjustment services, among others. This Intensive […]


Case notes are important tools used to track service providers’ interactions with clients and document relevant program data. This template, developed by Switchboard, is an example of how case notes may be standardized for your program. This template is intended to be customized to align with your program’s unique needs and compliance requirements. This document […]


This guide, created by Switchboard, will teach you how to create high-quality case management documentation. You will learn how to: recognize the importance of documentation within the case management cycle; describe and create different elements of a case file, including case notes, service plans, and critical incident reports; and utilize new techniques to improve the […]


Quality assurance is a program management system focused on ensuring staff meet employment program guidelines efficiently. Successful quality assurance (QA) improves program outcomes without increasing burdens on staff. However, when faced with the many competing priorities of managing an employment program, implementing QA strategies can feel daunting. Below are six tips for strengthening quality assurance […]


Hosted on April 5, 2022, this training was delivered by delivered by Tigest Coleman, Training Officer, Strengths-Based Services, Switchboard; Jess Dalpe, Senior Technical Advisor: Safety and Wellness, IRC; and Loan Mai, Technical Advisor, Mental Health and Psychosocial Support, IRC. Webinar transcript coming soon!  Do you want to improve your knowledge of case management? Do you want […]


It is common to feel stuck or overwhelmed when working with clients who have complex service needs. Discussing with your supervisor can often provide the support you need. When additional support is needed, case consultations and case conferences can help identify solutions, reduce duplication of services, and improve client outcomes. This resource contains two documents […]


This guide, co-published by CLINIC and Migration Refugee Services, provides information and samples of the type of documents that Afghan parolees may be issued by DHS. It explains what resettlement agencies should look for when determining an Afghan parolee’s eligibility for resettlement benefits as well what immigration practitioner should look for when determining an Afghan […]

Afghan or Iraqi nationals granted a Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) or Special Immigrant (SQ or SI) Parole by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for service to the U.S. government are eligible for ORR benefits. This guide lists acceptable documents for relatives of SIV holders , SQ or SI parolees.