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Supporting Young English Learners at Home: Family and Caregiver Activities

These family and caregiver activities (FCAs) are designed to provide simple, fun activities families and caregivers can use with young English learner (ELL) or dual language learner (DLL) children at home to strengthen language development in either the home language or English. Activities include:

  • Questions about Stories – Strengthen language by asking and answering questions about a story.
  • Questions about Informational Text – Ask and answer questions about an informational text.
  • Questions about Experiences – Use everyday experiences inside and or outside of the home to ask and answer questions.
  • Wordplay – Play with vocabulary to build language.
  • Guess My Object – Play a guessing game to build descriptive vocabulary.
  • Word Detective – Build and practice using vocabulary by playing word detective.
  • Making a Meal Together – Develop language while making a meal.
  • Interviewing a Special Person – Interview a special person to build oral and written language.
  • Writing Notebooks – Write daily to build oral and written language.