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Foundations of Mandatory Reporting for Refugee Service Providers

Hosted on ​​Thursday, April 18, 2024, the training was delivered by Maya Wahrman, MSW, LSW, is a Switchboard Training Officer.

Many refugee service providers are mandated reporters—they are required to report when they have a reasonable belief or know that a child or vulnerable adult has been abused, neglected, exploited, or abandoned. Yet some service providers may feel discomfort around their mandatory reporting responsibilities, experience personal barriers to reporting, or lack confidence in the reporting process. This webinar will cover the basics of mandatory reporting, including what is considered a reportable situation, to whom service providers should report, and what crucial information to include in a report. Case scenarios will allow participants to explore the difficulties balancing and managing client trust, confidentiality, and relationships while upholding mandatory reporting responsibilities. Participants will also explore best practices to support clients throughout the reporting and investigation process. ​

After participating in this ​90-minute​ session, you will be able to:
– ​​Describe key principles of mandatory reporting and reportable situations such as abuse and neglect of children and vulnerable adults
​- Identify who may be a mandatory reporter and possible steps of the reporting process
– ​Integrate cultural sensitivity and special considerations for working with newcomers in the mandatory reporting context
​- Apply client-centered and trauma-informed principles to maintain client confidentiality and trust while upholding mandatory reporting responsibilities ​

​Note: This training will not address specific state laws and responsibilities regarding mandatory reporting, but it will provide context and help demystify the process. In addition, though mandatory reporting laws are not limited to children, this session will primarily focus on child abuse and neglect. ​​