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Welcoming Refugee Students – Guides for Classroom Teachers, School Nurses, School Administrators, School Counselors, Peer Mentors, and Parents

These guides are part of the New York State Welcome to Our Schools (WtOS) program, designed to ease the transition of refugee children into elementary and secondary schools and to empower their parents to be effective partners in the education of their children. The audience-specific guides include content about refugees and their past education, along with suggestions on how to create a welcoming classroom.

Available tools include:

  • Welcome to Our Schools Curriculum
  • Welcoming Refugee Students – Strategies for Classroom Teachers Brochure
  • Caring for Refugee Students – Guide for School Nurses Brochure
  • Peer Mentor Brochure
  • Welcoming Refugee Students – Strategies for School Administrators Brochure
  • Guiding Refugee Students – Strategies for School Counselors Brochure
  • School Information for Parents Brochure (also available in Arabic, Farsi, Karen, Nepali, and Spanish)