Switchboard Tool Scripts for Working with Interpreters

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Scripts for Working with Interpreters

This tool includes two scripts that can be used when working with interpreters:

  1. Pre-session: A pre-session, also known as a pre-conference or pre-encounter, is a short conversation between the provider and interpreter that takes place away from the client, prior to beginning the interpretation session. It may be as short as one minute or as long as ten minutes. The purpose of a pre-session is to introduce the provider and interpreter, to ensure that both understand the interpreter’s role, and to share key information about the session. The script provided can be adapted to you needs as you conduct pre-sessions with interpreters.
  2. Opening: Once the provider, interpreter, and client are together and ready to start the session, it’s important to orient the client by leading a brief introduction. This is especially useful when clients are new to communicating through interpreters. The script provided can be adapted to your needs as you open interpreted sessions with clients.