Indicator Matrix Template

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Indicator Matrix Template

An indicator matrix (also referred to as an M&E framework) is ideally part of an M&E plan, though it is often developed at the start of the grant or program. Developing an indicator matrix can help ensure indicators are measurable, realistic and purposeful, improving use of program data down the line. It can help you make sure that your data collection tools collect the information you need and help you set up your indicator tracking systems.  It also clarifies plans for all involved, leading to more efficient use of staff time in data collection and analysis.

META’s Indicator Matrix template can be used in its current form, simplified or otherwise adapted to meet your program’s M&E planning needs. It maps out exactly how each indicator will be calculated and disaggregated for each program objective, outcome, or output. It also lists necessary data points and sources, along with the responsible individuals and indicator targets.

Indicators should meet the SMART criteria. META’s SMART Indicator Checklist and accompanying Case Study can help you determine the quality of your indicators.