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Developing Strategies to Strengthen Quarterly Consultations in Newcomer Receiving Communities

Hosted on May 13th, 2024 the training was delivered by Lillie Hinkle, Associate Policy Analyst with the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) National Center on Immigrant Integration Policy; Barbara Day, consultant to national and state refugee resettlement programs; ​Meg Sagaria-Barritt, the Integration Partnerships Coordinator for the Colorado Refugee Services Program (CRSP); and, Sean Kirkpatrick, Coordinator of the East Bay Refugee and Immigrant Forum.

​​The U.S. government requires state refugee coordinators and resettlement agencies to consult with a myriad of stakeholders on a quarterly basis about the capacity of newcomer-receiving communities to welcome refugees. This process, though explicitly defined, does not always achieve the intended outcomes of community planning, stakeholder coordination, and shared understanding of capacity. This webinar will present strategies and lessons learned from the field on creating expansive consultation opportunities while meeting federal compliance measures. Leaders in resettlement will share ways to identify and grow from challenges experienced during quarterly consultations to ensure that effective consultation structures lead to successful and meaningful coordination across various systems and areas of expertise.

By the end of this webinar, you will be able to:
​​- Describe key elements of successful quarterly consultations in newcomer-receiving communities
​- Develop strategies for effectively managing challenges encountered during quarterly consultation planning and execution
​- Identify at least one promising practice to prioritize during quarterly consultations​