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​​Establishing and Maintaining Employer Partnerships ​

Newcomers face systemic challenges in accessing meaningful employment opportunities, such as language barriers, transportation issues, and lack of a professional network. Partnerships with local employers can help expand clients’ access to vital professional opportunities, but establishing these relationships can be challenging. This webinar will empower you with strategies to identify potential employer partners, understand their unique needs, and communicate the value of hiring skilled and motivated newcomers. We will discuss how to leverage resources to facilitate mutually beneficial relationships between employers and jobseekers from diverse backgrounds. In addition, we will explore best practices for maintaining employer partnerships by sustaining communication, addressing challenges, and providing ongoing support to both employers and employees—ensuring high-quality job placements for ORR-eligible populations.​

By the end of this webinar, you will be able to: ​​

– Describe the importance of employer partnerships in the context of job placement for ORR-eligible populations  ​

– Identify key considerations and benefits for both employers and newcomer employees when establishing and maintaining employer partnerships   ​

– Implement best-practice job development approaches to effectively support newcomer clients in securing high-quality job placements  ​

– Recognize common challenges in maintaining employer relationships and name strategies for overcoming them while preserving healthy professional boundaries ​