Online Safety Tip Sheet

This resource, created by CARRE, is intended to help service providers educate clients on how to respond to online threats or harassment.  It is aimed at children and youth at risk of online sexual exploitation, or “sexploitation.” Tips include:

  • Block: Instead of responding to the person bothering you online, immediately block them. DO NOT send them money or anything else they request.
  • Tell Someone: It’s important to tell a trusted adult what happened. This can be a family member, sponsor, teacher, or any adult you trust. You can also text “THORN” to 741741 to confidentially speak with a trained counselor.
  • Report: If anyone asks for sexual images or videos from you, that is abuse and it is not okay. Click on the “report” button. You should also talk to an adult about calling 9-1-1 to file a police report.