Evidence-Based Refugee Youth Mentoring: Essential Ingredients!

This webinar on refugee youth mentoring was presented by Sara Rowbottom, Technical Advisor for Education and Youth at the International Rescue Committee and by Ashmeet Oberoi, PhD, Assistant Professor at the University of Miami.

By the end of this 60-minute session, you will be able to:

  • Describe key findings from the evidence-base for youth mentoring programs;
  • Identify critical features of effective youth mentoring programs for refugee and immigrant youth; and
  • Incorporate features of effective mentoring programs into your youth mentoring program

Navigate this webinar with the timestamps listed below: 

0:00 – Introduction to Switchboard
1:30 – Introduction to Speaker and Objectives
4:33 – Introduction to Youth Mentoring
14:05 – Evidence on Mentoring Refugee & Immigrant Youth and its Implications
31:22 – Roadmap to Successful Mentoring with Refugee & Immigrant Youth
40:50 – Q&A