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Strengthening Refugee Integration through Community Resource Mapping

This webinar was facilitated by Sarah Krause, Consultant, Sarah Krause Consulting and Meg Gibbon, Program Officer for Learning and Knowledge Management, Switchboard.


By the end of this 60-minute session, you will be able to:

  • Identify the advantages of community resource mapping;
  • Describe how to determine which community resources may be of greatest benefit to those you serve; and
  • Apply effective strategies to identify and map these resources in your community.


Navigate this webinar with the timestamps listed below: 

0:00 – Introduction to Switchboard

2:31 – Introduction to Speakers and Objectives

7:10 – Community Resource Mapping

12:57 – Pre-Planning

14:58 – Planning

21:18– Information Gathering

24:10 – Analyzing

30:27 – Monitoring and Evaluation

33:39 – Sharing

38:15 – Q&A


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