Traumatic Stress Among Refugee Children and Youth Part I: Viewing Trauma Through a Developmental Lens

Hosted on Thursday, June 21th, 2023 the training was delivered by Dr. Jordan Greenbaum. Jordan Greenbaum, MD, is a retired child abuse physician living in Atlanta, GA, who has worked in the field of child maltreatment for over 20 years.

Refugees and other newcomers often experience traumatic events before, during, and after migration. Depending on age and developmental stage, traumatic stress may impact children and youth in different ways: disrupting their daily lives, hindering adjustment to their new homes, and complicating their efforts to develop relationships with peers. This webinar will introduce the concept of traumatic stress as it relates to children and youth, including the impact on their attachment and common expressions of emotional distress.

After participating in this 90-minute session, you will be able to:
– Describe traumatic stress, resilience, and attachment in relation to children and youth who have experienced forced displacement
– Identify common trauma-related reactions and behaviors exhibited by children and youth of varying ages and developmental stages
– Summarize key approaches to supporting children and youth who have experienced trauma as well as ways to help them heal and thrive in their new communities