Contending with the Housing Crisis: Refugee Resettlement Housing Experts Roundtable

Hosted on Wednesday, June 22, 2023, the training was delivered by Joshua Weber, Associate Director of Training at Refugee Housing Solutions; Chloe Shiras, Program Manager for Initial Resettlement at HIAS; Hannah Presser, Program Officer at Housing Technical Assistance; and Chuni Lu, Senior Program Officer of Affordable Housing Solutions, at the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

Quality housing is essential for newcomers, but family size, resettlement location, and budget often make securing safe, sanitary, and affordable housing very difficult. The market for rental housing in the U.S. is characterized by nationwide shortages and rising costs resulting in a competitive and difficult to navigate environment. This webinar will feature a robust conversation on the housing crisis among experts in the resettlement and housing spaces. Through a roundtable discussion, they will provide suggestions and name promising practices for navigating this challenging market landscape.  

Why should I participate?
After participating in this 90-minute session, you will be able to:   

  • Describe ways the U.S. housing crisis affects newcomers, including through rental housing shortages and rising costs 
  • Name promising practices from the field to help navigate these challenging market conditions