Switchboard Toolkit: Supporting Afghan Students

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Supporting Afghan Students in Schools & Youth Programs in the United States

In the 2021-22 school year and beyond, schools across the United States will enroll significant numbers of children and youth from Afghanistan. These students fled the country after the withdrawal of American military troops and the subsequent fall of the Afghan government on August 15, 2021. While many schools and communities have a long history of welcoming refugee and immigrant students; given the large number of arriving Afghan students and recent traumatic events, educators and school districts may want to do additional preparation.

This toolkit is designed to help educators to:

  • Develop a well-rounded understanding of the circumstances of newly arrived Afghan students and their families, including the challenges they may face as they seek to adapt to the American education system;
  • Better understand the Afghan educational systems and possible educational experiences of students;
  • Name core considerations for working with Afghan students and their families;
  • Adopt skills and strategies that may be helpful in working with Afghan students and families; and
  • Access information and resources to support their work.