Refugee Training and Orientation: A Guide and Workbook for Service Providers

This training-of-trainers (ToT) guide was developed for service providers who work with refugees overseas or domestically to enhance understanding and delivery of orientation and training. The purpose of this guide is to provide new trainers, experienced trainers, and supervisors with a comprehensive tool that can be used to enhance the design and delivery of refugee and immigrant training and orientation. Practitioners can use this guide to enhance their capacity to:

  • Effectively conduct needs assessments
  • Work with diverse groups of people and groups with special needs
  • Incorporate various training methods into orientation
    Train trainers
  • Collaborate with partners in orientation design and delivery

This guide is not intended to serve as a stand-alone tool to prepare trainers, but instead is intended to be used as a supplementary source for strategies and tools that supervisors and trainers can tailor to the needs of their own programs. This guide is intended to help practitioners:

  • Identify what is working well within their training programs
  • Fill in gaps that exist in their orientation programs
  • Enhance and build on what is already working in training programs and sessions

This guide provides useful information about training methods and planning. It also includes step-by-step how-to guidelines, reference charts, fill-in-the-blank handouts, sample agendas, and strategies to overcome common challenges in training. Each chapter in the accompanying workbook corresponds to the same chapter in the guide and contains handouts, worksheets, and checklists that are useful for training trainers and self-guided trainer development activities.


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