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Planning for ECBO Sustainability: Strategies and Considerations for the Future of the Organization

Hosted on June 18, 2024, the training was delivered by Nao Kabashima, co-founder and Executive Director of the Karen Organization of San Diego (KOSD); Haji A. Adan, the Executive Director at Refugee & Immigrant Self-Empowerment Inc. (RISE), a prominent ECBO; and Yahya Haqiqi, President & CEO of the Afghan Support Network (ASN).

Nonprofit organizations typically follow a predictable life cycle—beginning with the inception of an inspiring idea; followed by the establishment of a practical foundation; then, expanding operations; then, developing mechanisms for sustaining the institution’s functions; and then, ultimately, pursuing a review and renewal of the core mission. Each of these five stages comes with unique challenges and opportunities. Understanding where an Ethnic Community-Based Organization (ECBO) exists in this organizational life cycle can assist ECBO leaders in developing appropriate and effective sustainability strategies. This webinar will spotlight three ECBOs, each at a different stage of their life cycle, offering insights into how they have navigated this journey with strategic wisdom and endurance.

By the end of this webinar, you will be able to:
– Describe the five stages of an ECBO’s organizational life cycle.
– Identify strategies for sustainable growth at each stage of ECBO development.
– Apply new tools and resources for sustainable growth to each stage of ECBO development.