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Leaders of Tomorrow – Immigrant & Refugee Youth: A Guidebook on Leadership Development

Leaders of Tomorrow is a leadership program developed by the Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL) with a curriculum co-created by immigrant and refugee youth. The goal of Leaders of Tomorrow is to support and mobilize immigrant and refugee youth through opportunities to expand their knowledge, strengthen their skills, access tools and resources, and improve their own circumstances and those of all children, youth, adults, and families in their communities. This guidebook includes:

  • Importance of Youth Leadership Development
  • Guiding Principles for Youth Development
  • Immigrant and Refugee Youth Leadership Development
  • Key Areas for Youth Leadership Programs
  • Learning, Connecting, Thriving, Leading, Working, and Innovating
  • Leaders of Tomorrow Implementation Steps
  • Participatory Curriculum Design
  • Key Design Session Topics and Feedback
  • Program Components and Curriculum
  • Learning Objectives
  • Partner Selection and Youth Recruitment
  • Data Collection and Evaluation
  • Anticipate Challenges – Embrace Opportunities
  • Leaders of Tomorrow Logic Model