Transcript Helping Client Navigate Times of Economic Hardship

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Helping Clients Navigate Times of Economic Hardship

Hosted on July 23, 2020, this virtual panel discussion was hosted by by Daniel Wilkinson Program Manager for Economic Empowerment, Switchboard along with a panelist of economic empowerment experts.

Recent months have presented a dramatic learning curve as we’ve adapted to the realities of living and working in the shadow of a global pandemic. If you’re like most service providers, you’ve had to completely change the way that you work, while trying to take care of yourself and juggle personal responsibilities. One of our greatest assets in this changing environment is each other and our collective expertise. This engaging virtual panel discussion featured front-line, headquarters, and state voices from across the refugee resettlement network.

By the end of this training, you will be able to name at least one promising practice for helping clients navigate times of economic hardship; serving economic empowerment clients remotely; or maintaining and developing employer partnerships as the economy recovers from COVID-19.

Navigate this webinar with the timestamps listed below: 

0:00 – Introduction to Switchboard
6:14 – Introduction to Panelists
15:30 – What are some of the ways the most important ways that you’ve adapted to serve clients during this time?
25:19 – Share some of the trends that you’re seeing more on a whole in your networks, and how you all have been adapting and what practical strategies you’ve seen work?
33:36 – Has anyone found a way around WhatsApp challenges? What other video chat platforms for low digital literacy clients have worked well for service providers?
39:06 – Discussing the issue of balancing health risks with COVID-19 with the need to work and economic well-being.
44:00 – How are agencies preparing for longer term financial sustainability of client’s families?
50:15 – What’s working now in terms of what employment opportunities are you finding for clients now, and how can we prepare for a tougher job market in the coming months?
54:51 – Recommended Resources