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Addressing the Contraceptive Needs of Refugee Youth and Women

Resettlement in the United States can offer enhanced opportunities for sexual and reproductive health (SRH) information and services; at the same time, refugee youth and women face particular barriers (i.e. communication difficulties, low health literacy, unfamiliarity with healthcare system, etc.) that must be considered, including their experiences of violence and ongoing trauma. Addressing these barriers to ensure that youth and women can access the services that they need is of utmost importance so that they can be supported in planning for their futures.

CAI, in partnership with Advocates for Youth (AFY), the International Rescue Committee (IRC), and Oakhurst Medical Centers, has created this set of micromodules aimed at building the capacity of healthcare providers to address the contraceptive care needs of refugee women and youth. The micromodules support healthcare providers to:

  • Create or strengthen culturally responsive, quality contraceptive care services for refugee women and youth;
  • Understand the work of refugee resettlement agency (RRA) staff as important resources with whom to partner when providing health care services overall to refugee women and youth; and
  • Forge meaningful partnerships with local RRA(s) to better address the needs of clients, especially the contraceptive care needs of refugee women and youth.

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