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In this video Framework discusses a client’s experience with traditional housing vouchers and flexible funding solutions. This video is intended to help service providers understand the options for client housing.

This course is designed for resettlement agency professionals navigating the housing market on behalf of newcomers resettling in the United States and is a continuation of the eLearning course Introduction to HUD Housing for Newcomers. After completing this course, you will be able to: Identify common documents and information needed to apply for HUD affordable […]

This course is designed for resettlement agency workers navigating the housing market for newcomer clients. It covers the types of affordable housing programs offered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and eligibility requirements. After completing this course, you will be able to: Describe HUD’s affordable housing programs Name key eligibility criteria […]

Safe, sanitary, and affordable housing is a prerequisite for well-being. But securing housing of this standard is difficult—particularly for newcomers to the United States. Many of Refugee Housing Solutions’ resources highlight ways to secure housing and avoid homelessness. If you are a newcomer, or are working with a newcomer, who is homeless or at risk […]

During the process when landlords and housing providers screen rental applicants, they often require documentation that newcomers typically do not have upon arrival in the United States. To decrease this barrier to entry, this resource, created by Refugee Housing Solutions (RHS) in partnership with Switchboard, outlines alternative documentation that landlords and housing providers should expect […]

The purpose of this toolkit is to guide resettlement practitioners through the process of creating a revolving loan program that will help people secure permanent housing. The information in this toolkit will help resettlement agencies multiply the impact of monetary housing support to refugees and other newcomers. It outlines best practices and challenges, cites lessons […]

Are you a service provider beginning to connect with sponsors for Ukrainian newcomers? Are you fielding questions about affordable housing for this population? This blog post is for you! Developed in partnership with Refugee Housing Solutions, this post describes how Ukrainians arrive in the U.S. and provides housing tips to share with sponsors for these […]

his webinar will address how resettlement agency case managers, refugee service providers, and state refugee coordinators can identify HUD resources to serve newcomer clients. The webinar will describe HUD’s recent engagement with refugees and dispel common misconceptions about HUD.


Do you support refugees and other newcomers with affordable housing services? This blog post is for you! Switchboard has partnered with Refugee Housing Solutions to share training and promising practices related to housing solutions for newcomers. Today, we’re sharing information about the diversity of public housing programs, how newcomers can reach out to the U.S. […]

Finding the appropriate housing requires having the right tools, and the internet is a tool that can improve and expand one’s housing search.