Switchboard Webinar Transcript Helping Clients Overcome Employment Barriers

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Helping Clients Overcome Employment Barriers

This webinar was facilitated by Daniel Wilkinson, Program Manager for Economic Empowerment, Switchboard and guest speaker Hillary Frances, a Workforce Development Consultant with expertise in taking a strengths-based approach to serving populations with employment barriers.

By the end of this 60-minute session, you will be able to:

  • Identify new approaches to common barriers to employment such as limited English, transportation, managing client expectations, and others;
  • Articulate a strengths-based approach to helping clients navigate employment barriers; and
  • Walk away with best practices taken from real refugee employment case studies.


Navigate this webinar with the timestamps listed below: 
0:00 – Introduction to Switchboard
0:37 – Introduction to Speakers and Objectives
6:17 – A Strengths-Based Approach
15:40 – Limited English Proficiency
20:10 – Logistical Barriers
22:56 – Lack of Job Skills or Credentials
29:01 – Q&A