IGC Toolkit Supporting Mental Health of Refugees

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Supporting the Mental Health of Refugees and Asylum Seekers: A Toolkit for Intergovernmental Consultations (IGC) States

This toolkit responds to the identified needs of Intergovernmental Consultations (IGC) States and recognizes their commitment to supporting the mental health and wellness of refugees and asylum seekers. It acknowledges and builds on the work of other organizations, such as IOM and UNHCR, to provide an evidence-based, high-level overview of factors that contribute to improving mental health and wellness, including access to and quality of care.

The toolkit aims to:

  • highlight promising practices, resources and guidelines that improve the mental wellness of asylum seekers and refugees
  • identify the mental health and social supports that asylum seekers and refugees need from governments and service providers
  • contribute to building an environment that promotes positive mental health and wellness and recognizes asylum seekers’ and refugees’ strengths and resilience