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SIV Stories: Starting Anew in the United States – Working with Your Resettlement Agency

This video is part of a four-video series focusing on the experiences of Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) holders that resettled to the United States. In this video, we meet Razan Osman, the resettlement manager at a resettlement affiliate. She provides insights on assistance and basic services of the Resettlement Agency, describing in detail what is provided and how long support will last. She also advises on how to best work with the Resettlement Agency staff in order to most productively start one’s new life in the U.S. Also appearing in this video is Bahar, a female SIV holder who provides additional insight from her perspective. The videos are meant for Afghan and Iraqi SIV applicants coming to the United States who do not routinely have access to Cultural Orientation overseas.