Research Evaluation After Action Learning Review Template

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Research/Evaluation After-Action Review Meeting Template

A research/evaluation after-action learning review is a process of reflection (via meeting, workshop, or other form of consultation) at the end of a research and evaluation project. It differs from workshops or other events used to discuss and disseminate findings in that its goal is to reflect not on the program or policy studied, but on the design and implementation of the research/evaluation itself. Learning from these meetings is captured to inform future research or evaluation projects.

This template can be modified to add or remove additional elements and questions as they pertain to your research or evaluation project. For a meeting template that can be used on an ongoing basis to regularly analyze and act on project data, see Switchboard’s Data Analysis and Action Planning Meeting Templates. For a meeting template that can be used to reflect on learning from project data at the conclusion of a project or project year, see META’s End-of-Project Learning Meeting Template.