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Refugee Suicide Prevention Training – Nepali

The Refugee Suicide Prevention Training Toolkit is designed to provide resources for Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) instructors who are interested in training refugee gatekeepers. After a review of available gatekeeper trainings, the QPR model was selected based on its potential for nationwide dissemination and adaptation. Bhutanese community members were integral in adapting the QPR model to be culturally appropriate for refugee communities.

This training is designed to be delivered to refugee gatekeepers in local resettlement communities by certified QPR instructors. “Gatekeepers” are individuals who come into regular contact with and are respected and trusted by refugees in their communities (case managers, ESL teachers, counselors, community health workers, teacher aides, ethnic community-based organizations members, nurses, etc.). The role of a gatekeeper is to recognize warning signs that someone may be contemplating suicide and help an at-risk individual access services.

These suicide prevention materials and resources can be modified as needed for local needs and expectations. All trainers must comply with QPR Institute core standards. For refugee orientation materials for QPR trainers, see Orientation to Refugees for QPR Trainers

Included below are QPR Suicide Prevention Training for Refugee Gatekeepers slides, with and without facilitator notes, and a handout on Refugee-Focused Role Plays. For the full toolkit and materials in English, click here.