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Maya Health Toolkit for Medical Providers

This toolkit aims to identify the major healthcare barriers between Maya and medical professionals, and to create a variety of resources to bridge gaps in communication.

  • Section 1 of the toolkit gives an overview of the vision, objectives, and methodology, and explains in some detail why a toolkit is needed for the Maya.
  • Section 2 gives a cultural and historical profile of the Maya, and is compiled from academic sources and Maya testimony.  This section demonstrates how tradition and religious spirituality profoundly influence concepts of health.
  • Section 3, through testimony and case examples, gives insight into Maya views of health and the special situations they face in the United States.
  • Section 4 contains the Toolkit Resources, which were carefully designed to meet the specific and unique needs of the Maya community.   The body chart and other resources were designed keeping in mind that Maya immigrants may neither read nor write in any language, and they may not be accustomed to the printed page.  Maya consultants assisted with the development of all educational materials.  This section will also link to audio files that explain the PowerPoint presentations in four of the major spoken Maya languages.
  • Section 5 contains a comprehensive literature review of best materials on Maya health in the United States, and other published or online materials helpful in the making of the toolkit.
  • Section 6 introduces the Maya Interpreters Network; explains the need and value of the network, and how the network will be constructed.