BRYCS Toolkit Enhancing Child Care for Refugee Self Sufficiency

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Enhancing Child Care for Refugee Self-Sufficiency: A Training Resource 

This resource contains information, reference materials, and sample training modules for employment specialists and case managers. It is designed to help agencies increase their capacity to serve refugee clients and provide them with a spectrum of child care options. Information is also relevant to program directors to assess if adequate internal processes are operating to sufficiently address child care issues.

The goals of this resource and curriculum are to:

  • Provide an overview of the child care system and background on issues refugee populations face in securing care.
  • Clarify the relationship between stable child care arrangements and employment success.
  • Assist resettlement agencies and child care networks in building partnerships between key stakeholders, including Child Care Resource and Referral Networks (CCR&R), child care subsidy agencies, child care licensing agencies and refugee resettlement agencies.
  • Enable resettlement staff and key partners to better identify child care options and funding strategies for refugee clients.
  • Provide a template for agencies to train staff on child care issues, incorporating methods consistent with adult learning theory and a “train the trainer” model.