Cultural and Practical Considerations for Working with Afghan Clients, Afghan History – Module 1

Hosted on August 30, 2022 the training was delivered by Farid Saydee, Ph.D., MBA – President, Language Mentors International and Consultant. This is session one of a five part series. This video covers Afghan history. The curriculum offers a foundational body of knowledge of Afghan culture, provide contextualized information about working with Afghans while navigating different cultural topics, and describe key social and cultural aspects that distinguish this population from other refugee groups in the United States.

Upon completing all five trainings, participants will be able to:
• Describe key historical, political, and cultural experiences of Afghan newcomers
• Name major ethnic groups in Afghanistan and recognize considerations for mitigating interethnic tension
• Describe factors that affect communication and name effective ways of working with Dari and Pashto interpreters
• Describe common social, cultural, and religious characteristics among Afghans
• Recognize key gender-sensitive considerations in case management with Afghan newcomer clients
• Employ knowledge of trauma-informed approaches to foster greater trust with Afghan newcomer clients