Digital Skills in Refugee Integration: Lessons Learned from Research and Practice

Hosted on September 9, 2021, this training was delivered by Miriam Potocky, Senior Research Associate, Switchboard; and Marwah Maasarani, Evaluation Officer, IRC.

Digital skills are a crucial element of successful integration. Access to communities, services, and rights often depends on, or is facilitated by, digital technology. Although many refugees are tech-savvy, many others have low levels of digital literacy, and socioeconomic, linguistic, and cultural barriers can hinder their use of technology. This webinar shares the findings of an original literature review on the topic of digital skills in refugee resettlement settings. It also offers lessons learned from a real-world digital inclusion program.

This webinar is aimed at any staff interested in incorporating digital inclusion into resettlement and integration services. It is most relevant for leaders and program managers seeking to make an evidence-based case for supporting this important program area, including with funders. It is also relevant for students and those in academic roles whose research interests include digital literacy, digital access, and digital skills.

By the end of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Explain how and why digital skills are essential to refugee integration;
  • Describe the state of the research and evidence related to digital skills interventions in resettlement contexts; and
  • Name four practical components of successful digital inclusion programs