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Managing, Maintaining, Coping and Changing: A Series On Mental Health

This four-part video series includes:

  • How to Better Manage Your Stress and Anxiety – Every individual experiences stress and anxiety. You can experience stress from your environment, your body, and your thoughts. This animated video discusses managing your stress and anxiety.
  • Tips for Maintaining Your Mental Health – The status of our mental health isn’t something that we can flip with a switch. A healthy mind requires consistent upkeep, just like a healthy body. It’s important to know strategies you can incorporate into their life to maintain a healthy mind before a crisis hits.
  • Learn Strategies to Help Cope with Stress – Stress is common. Every individual will experience stress in their life. But if stress continues for a long time, it can be bad for your health, peace of mind, and relationships. This animated video discusses strategies for coping with your stress.
  • Train Yourself to Think in Different Ways – Every individual has stress in life at different times—some big, some small. Stress can cause some problems like disrupting our sleep, making us feel sad, angry, or irritable. One way we can feel less stressed is to work on changing our thoughts or the things we tell ourselves in our minds.