Supporting Resettlement Workers with Lived Experience: Individual, Organizational, and Policy-Level Strategies

Social services is one of the most common sectors in the United States where resettled refugees and newcomers often work. Resettlement staff with lived experience identify as a refugee, immigrant, or newcomer and underwent or are undergoing the resettlement process themselves.  Newcomers who begin working in the resettlement field face unique stressors and barriers on their path to a fulfilling career, including under-employment and the potential for re-traumatization. This webinar will discuss supportive solutions that individual service providers and agency leaders can implement to alleviate these challenges. We will also offer guidance on advocating for funding and improved policies that address the deficits in refugee employment practices.  

After participating in this 75-minute session, you will be able to: 

Explain the importance and impact of having a diverse and representative resettlement staff 

Identify the unique challenges encountered by resettlement workers from refugee or newcomer backgrounds  

Apply key organizational and individual strategies to support resettlement staff from refugee and newcomer backgrounds  

Plan and advocate for more equitable systemic policies and organizational practices for resettlement staff from refugee or newcomer backgrounds 

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Jun 06 2024


3:00 pm - 4:15 pm
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