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Resource List: Creating Safe Spaces for LGBTQ+ Clients

In recognition of Pride, Switchboard has compiled this resource round-up. It includes materials designed for organizations and case managers serving LGBTQI+ clients, including how to create welcoming environments, ensure use of inclusive language, and address the unique needs of this population.

National Newcomer Navigation Network (N4): Immigrant and Refugee Services for SOGIE Diverse Newcomers (LGBTQ2S+ Services) (2021): This webinar recording describes key programmatic factors and data related to LGBTQ+ clients that can be replicated in organizations across Canada. To access the recording, you need to create an N4 account and login.

ORAM and TENT Partnership for Refugees, How Companies can Mentor LGTBQ Refugees (2020): This guidebook is intended to provide companies with guidance on how to establish and implement professional mentorship programs for LGBTQI+ refugees and asylum seekers. It includes how to set up a mentorship program, training materials for mentors, and resources for four mentor-mentee meetings.

Heartland Alliance, LGBT Refugee Resettlement Guidelines and Agency Self-Assessment (2013): This tool serves as a set of guidelines for resettlement agencies to use for determining which of their affiliates are best suited to accept LGBTQI+ refugees for placement; and as an agency self-assessment to help refugee programs identify strengths and challenges that they may face when resettling LGBTQI+ refugees.

Heartland Alliance, A Rainbow Retrospective: Reflecting on Best Practices and Successes from the Field (2013): This guide includes information on creating safe spaces, forming community, collaborating with external partners, case management services, housing, employment, leveraging support from LGBTQI+ communities, and engaging communities of faith.

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