A Resource List for Serving Afghan Evacuees

Updated February 3, 2022.

In July 2021, the U.S. government initiated Operation Allies Refuge to quickly admit and resettle individuals from, and in, Afghanistan who have worked for, or on behalf of, the U.S. government.  The resettlement network is working to support Afghan evacuees by providing available benefits and services, including those funded by ORR. This blog post lists resources you may find helpful in serving these clients, including resources in Dari and Pashto.

Policies and Resources from ORR, DOS, and DHS


Looking for client-facing information in Dari and Pashto? Visit the Afghan Resource Center from USAHello!

Cultural Orientation

  • CORE, Afghan Backgrounder This backgrounder contains historical, political, and cultural information intended to cultivate a general understanding of Afghans who are arriving to the U.S.
  • CORESettle In Facebook With content in Pashto and Dari, Settle In Facebook is designed to directly engage newly arrived Afghans resettling in the United States. 
  • CORE, Responding to Increased Arrivals from Afghanistan – This post includes tips on preparing staff and volunteers, answering questions, using trauma-informed and strengths-based approaches, and more.
  • CORE Resettlement Navigator (CORENav)Available in Dari, CORENav includes video, audio, and written resources on topics such as employment, housing, education, resettlement agencies, health, community services, rights and responsibilities, learning English, money management, transportation, and cultural adjustment.
  • CORE Settle In Mobile App, available in Dari, includes interactive learning opportunities across many content areas.
  • CORESIV Stories: Starting Anew in the United States – This video series, available in English, Arabic, and Dari, is meant for Afghan and Iraqi SIV applicants who do not routinely have access to Cultural Orientation overseas.

Immigration Legal Needs

  • CLINIC, Client Documentation and Benefits for Afghan Parolees  – This document guide provides information and samples of the type of documents that Afghan parolees may be issued by DHS.
  • International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP), Learn About Immigration Pathways for At-Risk AfghansThis training provides attorneys with brief overviews on  Afghan Special Immigrant Visas, access to the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program for Afghan nationals, humanitarian parole, and family reunification (fee associated; CEUs provided).

Health and Wellness

Child, Youth, and Family Services

  • New! Department of Education, K-12 Resources for Afghan Newcomers – This Dear Colleague Letter (DCL) shares information about funds and resources available to school districts in the U.S.
  • Colorin Colorado, How Schools Can Partner with Afghan Refugee Families – This resource provide recommendations on how schools can effectively partner with families who will be arriving from Afghanistan in the coming months. It also shares lessons learned from schools already partnering with this community.
  • Colorin Colorado, Welcoming Afghan Families: Lessons Learned from Austin ISD: This page includes tips from the Austin school district that is partnering with the local Afghan community to prepare to welcome new Afghan families.
  • Refugee Educator Academy, Welcoming Afghan Students and Families: A Workshop for US Educators – This half-day virtual event, which took place on October 2, 2021, focused on providing the support needed to arriving students and families, ranging from creating a welcoming environment to being aware of mental health concerns.
  • USAHello, Cultural Backgrounder: Afghan Students – If you are teaching Afghan students, it is important to be aware of their backgrounds.  This cultural information was developed for teachers, but it can be used by anyone working or interacting with newcomer families.

Economic Empowerment & Digital Inclusion

  • Department of Justice Immigrant and Employee Rights Section, Employment Information Regarding Afghan Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) Holders and ParoleesThis fact sheet provides general information about some of Afghan parolees’ employment rights. 
  • Switchboard, Employment Authorization Documents: Reference Guide for Refugee Service ProvidersThis reference guide covers the most important and commonly used work authorization documents required for employment in the United States, including for Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) holders.
  • IRC, Refugees@Work 2.0These employment skills videos, available in Dari, include Answering Customer Questions, Elevator Pitch, Professional Communication/Talking to Your Employer, Interview Skills, Reading Customers, and What is Customer Service in the US? They are designed to be used in a class setting.
  • IRC, Financial CapabilitiesThese videos, available in Dari, include Financial Resilience and Credit, Setting up Online Banking, and Filing Taxes Online.
  • IRC, Digital Literacy BasicsThese videos, available in Dari, include Phone Basics and Using the Internet, How to Use Zoom; Understanding Accounts, Logins, and Passwords; Using an Email Account; and Sharing Your Screen.

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